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Speaking in the English of one who works for the tourist

Possibly, it was the whispered talk resounding through the neighboring villages after last night's unparalleled entrance into new worlds that drew him to find out more.

Speaking in the English of one who works for the tourist trade, he questioned my background and the method I had taught. Jackson gently interrupted the warrior's inquiry, informing me before he left on his rounds that the women had gathered and were waiting for me to join them.Doubtful, skeptical, questioning:??Who is this woman and what could she possibly have to tell me about my life???I certainly couldn't blame them for being distrustful. These women had every right to be, especially given their backgrounds. More had arrived than Jackson expected, including those who weren't even sick.

I wondered what had brought them. We later discovered that some were wives of the men who had been at the session the night before. They had come with that??wanting, that yearning of the soul,??when it's time to rediscover what has long been forgotten.Cultural differences or common groundOften people believe that our cultural differences mean we have nothing in common, when actually there is a universal ground in our global village. At the hub of it all, beyond any differences, are the values we mutually share in something bigger than ourselves.

This understanding was brought into clear view as the inconceivable unfolded before our eyes moment by moment.A new element was added to the mix of distrustful emotions in the room when a man unexpectedly arrived. As he entered this domain of women he scowled at me from across the room, sending an implicit message of disapproval.

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Just think about that the fork in the road

It is the point in which the hero transitions between worlds and selves to see the potential for a new world and a new self. The fork in the road can be frightening — for the hero doesn't know what lies ahead — but by choosing which way on the path she will go, Dorothy also enters the stage that shows an open willingness to undergo major life change and personal transformation.Development of the other sides of our selves in ways that allow us to be aware of them and to hold them within us simultaneously helps us navigate through a society as complex as our own in these modern times.

Think of a path not taken in your life. If you had taken that “other” path, where would you be now? What would you be doing? More importantly, who would you be?In the Road of Trials, all roads are the right ones, even the frustrating ones, because they lead to awareness and growth of the self. If you made what you now consider to be a “wrong” turn, think of the ways that you really could have messed up on the “right” one. All roads fork. And down the path they fork again and again. Chances are your soul will lead you to the same place ultimately, regardless of which path you take. Just think about that: the fork in the road, the road not taken. What did you choose?Process:

The Roads Not TakenAs an experiment, you can write down the story of your own fork in the road, that place where you had to make a choice that changed the course of your life. Another way of doing this exercise is to draw three plausible roads from some point in your life: the road you are currently taking and the two roads you did not take. Also, draw in a picture of where you want to arrive. In good comic-strip fashion, draw or write down how you would get to your goal from where you are now, given your chosen road. Imagine the life you would have, the events that would occur.

Now do the same for the other two. Voila! All three arrive at the desired destination, and you have had fun playing with parallel lives.Observing his confusing directions, Dorothy asks the Scarecrow whether he can't make up his mind.

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Environmental psychologists reported in 2003 that nature

Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, coined the term “nature deficit disorder” in that book to describe the growing alienation that children — and many adults — are experiencing in this increasingly technologically dominated world. In an article about this book, Louv goes on to say:??“...

New studies demonstrate just how important direct contact with the outdoors is to healthy human development. Most of the new evidence that connects nature to well-being and restoration has focused on adults, but during the past decade, scientists have begun to study the impact of nearby nature on child development. Environmental psychologists reported in 2003 that nature in or around the home, or simply a room with a view of a natural landscape, helped protect the psychological well-being of the children.

“Researchers have found that children with disabilities gain enhanced body image and positive behavior changes through direct interaction with nature. Studies of outdoor-education programs geared toward troubled youth –especially those diagnosed with mental health problems — show a clear therapeutic value. Some of the most intriguing studies are being done by the Human-Environment Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois, where researchers have discovered that children as young as 5 showed a significant reduction in the symptoms of Attention-Deficit Disorder when they engaged with nature.

Could nature therapy be a new option for ADD treatment?”Animals and animal spirit guidesThere's ample evidence of how animals are intertwined in our lives, from the shoes we wear to the food we eat (if you're an omnivore). Our pets give us comfort and solace, while animals in the wild give us a glimpse into our own instinctual nature.

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There are exactly three publicly accessible hydrogen

Californians can lease the Clarity (it's not for sale in the U.S.) for $369/month for 36 months plus $2,868 due at signing, with Honda covering the first $15,000 worth of hydrogen fuel.

Drivers behind the wheel of the Mirai or Clarity qualify for a one-time $5,000 tax rebate from California for driving a green car, not to mention access to HOV lanes statewide even with just a single occupant.

Of course, fuel cell drivers won't want to leave California just yet. Outside of the Golden State, there are exactly three publicly accessible hydrogen refueling stations (Massachusetts, Connecticut and South Carolina each have one).

But later this year Toyota, in partnership with France's Air Liquide, will start to roll-out a new network of hydrogen refueling stations around the Northeastern U.S. so drivers there can start to enjoy the benefits of driving the latest, greatest and greenest technology ever to grace the American road.Contacts: California Fuel Cell Partnership Stations Map,

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Direction in areas where you feel lost and confused

The Moses Code and The Barn Dance; Kayla Michaele, a talented Psychic, Medium, Teacher and Speaker whose direct and honest style allows clients to navigate through the “fluff” and get down to the core issues or questions; and Kelli Miller, a down-to-earth, hilarious and professional Psychic/Medium,

Life Coach and Transformational speaker in the Omaha area who provides guidance and direction in areas where you feel lost and confused and receives messages from deceased loved ones in spirit, as well as spirit guides.Sunday, Nov. 8, 1:30-3:30 p.m. featuring James Van Praagh presenting

“The Healing Power of Mediumship.” General Admission Ticket in advance $69 ($79 at the door) | Tier 1 Ticket seating between VIP and General Admission in advance $108 ($118 at the door) | VIP Ticket in front rows in advance $148 ($158 at the door) | Combo Tier 1 Sunday Keynote + 3-Day Workshop Ticket $459 | Combo VIP Sunday Keynote + 3-Day Workshop Ticket in advance $484.00 ($514 at the door) —

James Van Praagh bridges the gap between two planes of existence, that of the living and that of the dead by providing evidential proof of life after death via detailed messages. Van Praagh's popularity began in the early 1990s, on the NBC morning talk show “The Other Side.”

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They share their experience with their friends

Definitely more than I was looking for, and that set me off on a path leading to where I am now.Debra: I agree with Connie and Judie. There is also the element of fun.

We get clients who just want a girls' weekend! Let's have fun! And they end up walking away amazed with very meaningful information and messages — and I think that ends up opening up their minds to what we are all about.?We make it fun most of the time, but being a psychic and medium is a very serious role to play.

We do take our jobs very seriously, full of love and compassion for others. The people who come to us walk away feeling that and enjoy that, and then they share their experience with their friends and...boom...we have quite a few other people coming to us for help.Judie: I completely agree.Connie:

We talk about this amongst the three of us sometimes, about how when we do a mediumship reading that we like to give validation that a departed loved one is still around.I knew that there was something else. That was an exciting moment. It also was unsettling. I had just gone to the psychic for curiosity's sake — and boy, did I get a life change out of that!You got more than you were looking for!

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Two traditional veterinarians diagnosed him with stage four

They can feel it coming — the change, the imbalance, the falling of one's heart. Almost impending doom.I hate to admit it, but sometimes I'm easily swayed by my surroundings.

Picture me sitting in a little restaurant in the middle of town, my town, my morning spot in the dark wooden benches ordering my usual. Coffee. Spinach pie, (I eat strange things for breakfast), and a slice of toast. Maybe it was the day I ordered Greek Salad, coffee, and a slice of toast, I don't remember what I ate, but I remember how I felt.It was raining.

It was cool outside. I wasn't sitting in the window like I like to. While I was making my oatmeal for breakfast, I heard Sophia, my 8-year-old, orange-and-white tabby cat, make a high-pitch whine from the upstairs bathroom. At the same location, I found Sylvester, my 9-year-old, black-and-white tuxedo cat, urinating a red urine into the litter box.

Two traditional veterinarians diagnosed him with stage four Chronic Kidney Disease. One veterinarian suggested to start injecting him with Lactated Ringer Solution fluids daily.“When you're a poet, you speak to the world, and when you're a story writer, you get the world to speak to you.” — Grace PaleyWhat is it about rain that depresses a depressed person even more? If winter rain is rough, October rain is rougher. There's probably a myriad of explanations, not the least being the falling barometer and its effects on a person's equilibrium, the sensitive ones feel it first.

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I knew is that I needed to get centered into my heart

A few days before this happened with Sylvester, I was having sharp pains going across my back near my kidneys. I went to the chiropractor who does homeopathy and emotional healing work.

I left with supplements and a mixed bottle of flower essence for my kidneys.I felt confused, emotional and stressed about this situation with Sylvester. All I knew is that I needed to get centered into my heart so I could hear the messages that Sylvester and my angels needed to tell me. First, I checked with Sylvester to ensure that he wanted to continue on his path.

Next, I asked for Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing, for a solution that I would be open to for Sylvester.I started searching about kidney disease on the Internet and homeopathy solutions for cats kept showing up in my searches. At first, I was a little resistant, because I didn't know a lot about homeopathy and flower essence therapy with animals.

I made a few phone calls to people who do healing work with animals and they gave me a highly recommended holistic veterinarian who had great success with healing animals.Sylvester and I waited in the vet's office on a red-velvet couch with gold-and-red pillows.

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Antarctica show us how climate change is already spawning

Still others include: Fossil Free, which chronicles the mission of impassioned climate activists around the world; Our Rising Oceans, where scientists in Antarctica show us how climate change is already spawning dire consequences;

Fractured Earth, in which everyday Pennsylvanians take on Big Oil in trying to keep fracking off their land; and Oil and Water, an examination of the uneasy alliance between the fishing and oil and gas industries in coastal Louisiana.Meanwhile, a new breed of YouTube-savvy filmmakers is calling into question whether long-form documentaries are still relevant, given viewers' shorter attention spans and ability to click away in a flash to something more engaging.

To wit, activist, artist and filmmaker Jordan Brown (AKA Jore) has released a series of short films on YouTube that focus on the interface between the dominant culture and the real impact on people, society and the environment.

His 11-minute piece, Forget Shorter Showers, for instance, lays out the case for why people need to do much more than just take individual actions if they want to save themselves and the planet. Jore argues that only through organizing and working together can we directly challenge the industrial systems leading us down the path to planetary destruction.

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Fall is associated with the element metal and is upon us

Credit: Patrick Bouquet, FlickrCC.Dear EarthTalk: How are environmentalists and environmental groups using crowdfunding to get their projects off the ground? – Sean Jackson, Baltimore, MDCrowdfunding relies on the collective effort of a large amount of individuals making online contributions to allow a project or venture to happen.

Colder weather requires us to go within and shift downward in our level of activities. In western culture we think of dressing differently and preparing our houses for winter, but we really need to also be thinking about changing our diets to maintain warmth in our bodies and optimize the functionality of our organs.

Fall is associated with the element metal and is upon us when the cycle of the day shortens with earlier sunsets. (Your nose is one bellwether of the new season when colds start to set in.)The organs associated with fall are the lungs and large intestine. Because old man winter comes in December, it is good to say October is woman.

A well-balanced woman she is. Beautiful and radiant with ample color. The kind of woman who walks into a room with a cape on and tosses it, commanding attention. The crisp air and the winds keep her busy; she is a very busy woman.

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