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Just think about that the fork in the road

It is the point in which the hero transitions between worlds and selves to see the potential for a new world and a new self. The fork in the road can be frightening — for the hero doesn't know what lies ahead — but by choosing which way on the path she will go, Dorothy also enters the stage that shows an open willingness to undergo major life change and personal transformation.Development of the other sides of our selves in ways that allow us to be aware of them and to hold them within us simultaneously helps us navigate through a society as complex as our own in these modern times.

Think of a path not taken in your life. If you had taken that “other” path, where would you be now? What would you be doing? More importantly, who would you be?In the Road of Trials, all roads are the right ones, even the frustrating ones, because they lead to awareness and growth of the self. If you made what you now consider to be a “wrong” turn, think of the ways that you really could have messed up on the “right” one. All roads fork. And down the path they fork again and again. Chances are your soul will lead you to the same place ultimately, regardless of which path you take. Just think about that: the fork in the road, the road not taken. What did you choose?Process:

The Roads Not TakenAs an experiment, you can write down the story of your own fork in the road, that place where you had to make a choice that changed the course of your life. Another way of doing this exercise is to draw three plausible roads from some point in your life: the road you are currently taking and the two roads you did not take. Also, draw in a picture of where you want to arrive. In good comic-strip fashion, draw or write down how you would get to your goal from where you are now, given your chosen road. Imagine the life you would have, the events that would occur.

Now do the same for the other two. Voila! All three arrive at the desired destination, and you have had fun playing with parallel lives.Observing his confusing directions, Dorothy asks the Scarecrow whether he can't make up his mind.

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